Waimania Paikea

Waimania has over 13 years of extensive experience and training in the dynamic style of hip hop dance, with the past 3 years dedicated to professional teaching. Waimania’s choreography is a captivating blend of RNB, Afro, and feminine styles, resulting in a truly distinctive and innovative movement vocabulary.

Waimania has had the privilege of learning from the esteemed directors Laurence Kaiwai and Colette Eagle at Homebase Dance Studios. Currently, she is an esteemed member of the Homebase faculty, serving as both a teacher and choreographer.

Throughout her career, she has successfully trained numerous competitive dance teams, many of which have emerged as champions in renowned competitions such as Danchella, Battlegrounds, House of Champions, and more. Her exceptional skills have also earned her the honour of representing teams nationally and internationally in prestigious locations like Los Angeles, Mexico, and New Zealand.

In addition to her teaching pursuits, Waimania has collaborated with esteemed dance schools and studios across Australia and New Zealand, showcasing her talent and expertise in the field.

Her contributions to the dance community extend beyond teaching and choreography. Waimania has had the privilege of being associated with notable credits, including performances in Alexander Chung's electrifying LA energy show and the prestigious World of Dance in Los Angeles. Moreover, she has showcased her skills as a dancer in K-POP submissions for artists such as Black Pink, Jimin, Kai, and NCT. Locally, she has graced events such as Battlezone in New Zealand, the Homebase New Zealand Showcase, and cultural events like the Matariki Art exhibition, where an excerpt of her choreography was showcased.

Furthermore, her talents have been recognized in collaborations with prominent brands like Culture Kings, Starter ANZ, Dickies, and Praema Fashion Show, where she had the opportunity to contribute her choreographic vision.  


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