Meet Tamlyn, The Online Adjudicator! 

From dancing since the age of 2 to traveling the world on cruise ships, Tamlyn's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

Early Beginnings: Tamlyn's love for dance started at the tender age of 2, and she soon became a dance enthusiast, attending the renowned Laine Theatre Arts in London at 16.

Cruise Ship Adventures: Her dance journey led her to explore the world on cruise ships, living the dream and experiencing the magic of different cultures.

West End Stardom: Fulfilling her dream of performing in the West End, Tamlyn joined the cast of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" and dazzled audiences in "The Genius of Ray Charles."

TV Stardom: Tamlyn's talent extended to television, where she graced screens as a commercial dancer and backed up the iconic Geri Halliwell in the "It's Raining Men" music video.

Casting Director: Transitioning into a Casting Director for Crystal Cruises, Tamlyn scoured the globe for exceptional dancers and singers to join the cruise ship entertainment.

Down Under Adventure: Emigrating to Australia in 2011, Tamlyn shared her wealth of knowledge by teaching audition techniques at Spectrum Dance alongside Trish Squires.

Passion for Adjudication: For over 12 years, Tamlyn has been a dedicated adjudicator in the UK, Australia, and NZ. Her passion lies in providing voice critiques and nurturing the talents of tomorrow.

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