Michelle Bucci

Michelle Bucci is the founder and creator of Dancelab and The Dancelab Method. A graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts and respected choreographer within the dance industry. Qualified with a Bachelor of Dance, Diploma in Sports Therapy, Diploma in Design and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, it is evident she is a master in her craft.

This unique set of accomplishments underpins the foundations of the dancelab one- of-a-kind method which is leading the way in contemporary dance formalised training. Over the past 27 years Michelle has had the privilege of teaching, choreographing, and collaborating with the best of the best, including character workshops with Alegria - Cirque Du Soleil, choreography for TV networks nine, ten, ABC and seven. Her commercial choreography and T.V credits include The Footy Show, Postcards, Neighbours, Rush, Melbourne Grand Prix, Crown Casino, The Australian Design Awards, Virgin Australia, L’Oréal fashion show, Morning Melodies, Federation Square launch, Its Melbourne, and many festivals throughout Australia. Michelle was the featured dancer and face of dance apparel brand Body. 

Michelle has presented contemporary dance works in festivals all over Australia and performed internationally and nation- wide over a 15-year period. During this time Michelle took her performance skills to new heights, training in aerial hoop under the direction of Cirque Du Soleil artist Rachel Hunt. 

Michelle produced and co-choreographed SPUN which premiered at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, gaining a nomination for best new dance work, and was a featured dancer for the Bollywood film Orange. 

Since relocating to the Sunshine Coast in 2019, Michelle has designed the new Elite Dance Academy program for The Sunshine Coast Sporting Academy and presented three seasons with her Contemporary Dance Company, Rebel Heart, Hinged (Dance Film) and her latest work Bound. In late 2022, Dancelab launched The Dancelab Method online contemporary dance training system and exclusive mentorship program for pre pro dancers wishing to make a career in dance and creative industries. Michelle is a valued member of the dance community in Australia and renowned for her progressive training and guidance.

With an abundance of experience and training behind her, Michelle is thrilled share her wealth of knowledge through her exclusive programs The Dancelab Method. 

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