Kelsi Geraghty

Kelsi started dancing at the age of 3 in South Africa partaking in her first ballet class. After she moved to Australia at the age of 10 she expanded her dance training to include all genres.

This is where Kelsi began her competitive dancing, performing solos and groups at many competitions, winning many overall and highest scoring performance routines which led to an invitation internationally to compete.

Kelsi completed her training at Sunshine Coast Conservatory of Dance, HQ and finally Dance Force, where she later performed in many gigs and shows including The Dream Creative. During her dancing career Kelsi suffered an injury to her knee requiring surgery. It was during this time her mindset and goals for her future changed, wanting to inspire others to keep doing what they love despite their individual challenges.

Kelsi believes - dance is a space to showcase your own individuality where it’s just you and the music - this is what has driven Kelsi’s passion for choreography.

Kelsi is inspired by fellow choreographers and dancers who share the same passion for movement in dance.

Kelsi is a freelance dancer/ choreographer for a number of QLD studios, workshops and soloists around Australia.

Kelsi is back dancing and would like to continue as a performer in her career whilst she is continuously learning and growing as a choreographer and dancer as she is passionate about wanting to pass  on her knowledge to her fellow students to help advance their artistry and style as a performer in a positive environment.

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